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Every year graduates descend on Brussel and national legislative assemblies to begin a journey of learning about public policy, legislative procedure and the interconnection between the ‘’outside world’’ and governmental institutions. Whether as interns or new hires each person is entering the world of public affairs. For many, this will bring them into or near the profession of lobbying, where they will join an already large number of professionals established in these cities.

Regardless of length of tenure in the role, lobbyists always need to network, improve their education and training and generally find time to learn new innovations and techniques applicable to the sector. LobbyEurope aims to provide that platform, working through SEAP.

To join SEAP and be part of the organisation that will add to your career development while ensuring the highest standards of ethical and transparent lobbying, click here.

Membership is free for individuals under 26 years of age. In 2020, we anticipate rolling out our training programme for young lobbyists, and later on for more experienced professionals.

Why Join SEAP?

Lobby Europe is brand of SEAP. If you are a public affairs professional acting in the European Union there are plenty advantages to join SEAP and be a part of a vibrant community of public affairs professionals whilst guaranteeing that your voice is heard in important regulatory subjects related to transparency and lobbying. By joining SEAP you can expect:


As European Affairs professionals, you are expected to adhere to the highest standards of excellence in your daily work. SEAP aims at being the trust mark of the profession by operating a Code of Conduct and setting and championing standards of ethical conduct. As a SEAP member you are seen to be committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


As your organisation, SEAP is committed to supporting you in your professional role, providing practical support and guidance regarding the Transparency Register as well as training opportunities and relevant information on policy updates, positions, and data.


SEAP is the authoritative representative of the interests of the profession to the EU institutions, stakeholders and the public. SEAP is in continuous contact with the institutions and organises regular meetings for members to discuss with EU officials subjects which are of importance for the profession.


SEAP gives you access to like-minded professionals from all sectors and organisations of all sizes, and provides relevant platforms for members to meet. SEAP helps you expand your network of contacts by giving you the opportunity to connect with people you would not necessarily meet and exchange knowledge and experience with them.

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