Transparency Pledge

Together with the launch of LobbyEurope, SEAP is also promoting its Transparency Pledge. The Pledge will ask MEPs and EU stakeholders to sign up to a guarantee that all industries and companies should be allowed to take part in public debates as long as they abide by the EU Transparency Framework. Furthermore, along with the Pledge, SEAP is calling for the development of transparency regulation in the EU. We hope to build up a significant group of MEP signatories to the Transparency Pledge in the hope of voicing a strong opinion concerning the fact that everyone has a part to play in EU policy-making, as long as they abide by the accepted rules on transparency and disclosure. SEAP and LobbyEurope firmly believe that regulation around lobbying can increase the confidence of the public in the democratic process and overall improve the quality of decisions by assuring:


Accountability of public officials by allowing them to justify their decisions in light of available relevant information;


Transparency of the decision making process by allowing the public monitoring of meetings that take place, and by enhancing the freedom of individuals and groups to mobilise and defend their interests, whilst guaranteeing equal opportunities in the access to information.


Openness to all stakeholders that may be involved in a decision, by allowing for channels of communications to be established with all of them, providing them with opportunities to voice their opinions and contribute with expertise and information;


Fairness of participatory rights, by making sure that all stakeholders can take part in the process without unjustifiable privileges or distortions;

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